Terms of Service

After Purchase

After purchasing, your login details will be emailed to you. Most accounts are delivered in under 1 hour, please allow upto 12 hours for delivery before contacting us. Remember to check your junk mail as well.


There are no refunds. Once your account is created the credits are applied and can not be reversed. If you have never tried Purecast.tv we suggest you either take out or free 24 hour trial or start with a monthly package! we have over 95% renewal rate


Purecast.tv requires an internet connection of at least 6mbps for SD and higher for HD, although our system has been known to work well on lower we do recommend these speeds to ensure there are minimal issues. Android boxes need a minimum of Android 5.0 & 1GB of Ram. Android 7.0 and 2GB ram is recommended for best results.

Terms of Use

Each Purecast.tv account allows you 2 connections concurrently. You can use these connections over 3 IP addresses. Exceeding these limits will result in your account being banned, each account is allowed to add 2 MAC addresses for boxes like MAG, Formular & Buzz 


Purecast.tv provides over 500+ high quality most viewed channels at all times and we consistantly add new channels upon request. Sometimes streams go down or do not work correctly (audio out of sync, etc). We reserve the right to remove or replace any streams to keep the service stable & reliable. Most channels are fixed within minutes of an issue being reported. 


Purecast.tv is #1 in support! We support you for the duration of your subscription!

We have over 9000+ users currently subscribing and more daily, this is why we can not offer telephone support, we do however offer support via email ([email protected]), ticket based support within your account and live chat when our operators are online. 

Payment Notice

You are hereby purchasing a VPN hosting package from purecast-vpn.com. Rather than giving you a VPN, you will be granted subscription on purecast.tv, depending on which package you choose.

Please remember this name as this is what will appear on your bank statement.

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